I am currently the State Delegate for Worcester & Wicomico Counties.  Prior to winning the June 2018 primary, I was a councilman for the Town of Ocean City.  While on the City Council, I worked closely with other elected officials to balance the needs of the residents, business owners, and tourists of the seaside resort. I began my service to the community when I was elected to the board of the Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) a decade ago, and have continuously worked to attend to the area in the years that followed. I went on to become Treasurer for OCDC while serving on five different sub-committees. In 2009, I was nominated to the Worcester County Planning Commission where I was later named Vice Chair and chosen to serve on the Worcester County Technical Advisory Committee. During my appointment, I was committed to growing small businesses, protecting agriculture, and preserving the commercial harbor. I fulfilled my duties on each of those committees until I was elected to the Ocean City Council in 2014. Currently as a Council Member, I am Chairperson of the Recreation and Parks Committee, a member of the Police Commission, and serve on the Ocean City Noise Board. Previously, I sat on the ADA Committee as well as the Property Review and Enforcement Strategies for Safe Housing Committee.
Serving the constituents has always been my focus, I have that drive as State Delegate in Annapolis.  I pride myself on being prepared for meetings and taking the time to respond to inquiries or requests for help, regardless of the complexity. I am fiscally conservative, and apply basic common sense to many decisions. Additionally, I am sure to ask the necessary questions before passing judgment to ensure that I make the most informed possible decision.
I reside in the Town of Ocean City, Maryland with three generations of my family. My wife Sharon and I have been married for 25 years and have two children.

  • Member of House of Delegates since January 9, 2019.
  • Member, Ways and Means Committee, 2020- (education subcommittee, 2020-; early childhood subcommittee, 2020-).
  • Member, Judiciary Committee, 2019 (civil law & procedure subcommittee, 2019; criminal justice subcommittee, 2019).
  • Member, City Council, Ocean City, 2014-18.
  • Member, Ocean City Police Commission, 2016-18.
  • Past member, Ocean City Development Corporation.
  • Member, Planning Commission, Worcester County (past vice-chair), 2009-14.
  • Past member, Technical Advisory Committee, Worcester County.
  • Attended Worcester County public schools.
  • Owner, Wayne Hartman Management LLC, 2008-.
  • Married; two children

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Wayne's Experience

Serving Wicomico & Worcester Counties – District 38C

  • Sitting State Delegate for Worcester & Wicomico Counties
  • Currently serving as a member of the Ways & Means Committee
  • Member of the Education Subcommittee, Early Childhood Subcommittee
  • In 2019, served as a member of the Judiciary Committee
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